Got To Recycle

About project

Period: June – Sep 2015

Client: Got To Recycle

Subject: Preparing A Business PlanĀ 

Got To Recycle was grappling with low organizational growth and productivity, inadequate financing, missing sales projections, lack of support from stakeholders, shortages or delays of necessary materials, increased customer dissatisfaction plus losing customers, and becoming overwhelmed plus going bankrupt. In spite of having high-quality products or services, Got To Recycle still has low sales. After failing to achieve the original mission and vision, Got To Recycle came to us and asked for consultation regarding their branding

Our Task Was

Once we got the request for consultation, we assigned our team to understand the barriers and challenges that Got To Recycle was facing. According to the feedback from our team, we identified that Got To Recycle had no well-designed plan regarding their business operations and marketing.


As per the requirements, our business development team developed an effective business plan that;

  • Defines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company
  • Provides a road map or blueprint for success
  • Project sales and marketing outcomes
  • Provides a precise statement regarding day to day activities


Our well-researched business plan helps the Got To Recycle to:

  • Attract potential investors and partners
  • Analyse revenues, costs, plus anticipated profits
  • Obtain competitive advantage
  • Increase customer loyalty and organizational growth rate


Based on the well-researched and precise business plan Got To Recycle is now growing rapidly with increased productivity, adequate funding, increased customer loyalty, and brand awareness.